Processing matters through the regulatory body

The procedures applying to the regulatory body are primarily laid down by the Railway Traffic Act (1302/2018).

Parties can appeal by a request for rectification to the regulatory body against certain decisions – as specified by the Railway Traffic Act – made by the infrastructure managers.

If someone is considered to have acted in breach of the Railway Traffic Act or any requirements based on it, or contrary to the principles of non-discrimination and equal treatment, the issue can be submitted to the Rail Regulatory Body for investigation. This appeal can be made by a railway undertaking, an applicant for rail capacity, any company that uses training services, the infrastructure manager, an operator of service facilities, other service provider, or by a competent authority. The Regulatory Body can also begin investigating the matter on its own initiative.

When making notifications and requests related to new rail passenger services, the party concerned must abide by Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1795 on the economic equilibrium test.